Mirage - Tinsel Tangle Christmas Dog Hoodies



Well, we imagine if our dogs could speak we may find they've got a bit of sass to them. If you think your dog may be a bit sassy then this might be the perfect Christmas dog hoodie for your furry friend. The Mirage Tinsel Tangle dog hoodie comes beautifully adorned with rhinestones that say "Don't get your tinsel in a tangle". That just about says it all. Mirage dog hoodies are made from very a very durable poly cotton fabric designed to provide your furry friend with the most comfort possible. Your dog will love wearing this adorable Christmas dog hoodies.

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XS:   9" Neck |  8" Length  | 15" Girth
SM: 11" Neck | 10" Length | 16" Girth
MD: 12" Neck | 12" Length | 18" Girth
LG:  13" Neck | 14" Length | 20" Girth
XL:   15" Neck | 16" Length | 21" Girth
2XL: 16" Neck | 18" Length | 23" Girth
3XL: 18" Neck | 20" Length | 27" Girth