Mirage - Pink Snowflake Dog Bandanas



No matter where you are the one thing that can always be a part of Christmas is snow. After all, Santa Clause lives in the snowy North Pole and he rides in a sleigh. Snowflakes are common Christmas decor even in the warmest of winter regions. What are we saying? We're saying that no matter where you are, this super adorable Christmas dog bandana absolutely makes sense. You can already picture how amazingly cute your dog will look with this gorgeous dog bandana around their furry necks with tails wagging over the anticipation that maybe they get to go for a walk, or better yet, a ride in the automobile proudly sporting their new dog bandana. We know, because we can see it too. The Mirage Pink Snowflake Christmas dog bandanas are not only adorable but they are durable as well with reinforced stitching at the hems and made from 100% cotton, these will last a long time and never fray or unravel. So hurry while supplies last and add this to your dog Christmas order.

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All Mirage Pet Products Bandanas are available in the following sizes:


  • Small is a 14" x 14" square that is easily folded in half to create the triangle look needed.  Roll the bandana until the desired length down the back has been achieved, then tie around the dog's neck. 
  •  Large is a 22" x 22" x 31" pre cut triangle.  While this size will fit most breeds of dogs, we recommend rolling the bandana to the desired look before tying around the pet's neck.  Mirage designs are placed in the lower corner to allow for this.