Mirage - Cutie Patootie Rhinestone Dog Hoodies



Well, of course you've called your dog cutie patootie before. That's probably why you're interested in these awesome dog hoodies by Mirage. Even if that's not neccesarily the case, well, these are still an awesome choice for a dog hoodie as It's likely you'll agree that your dog certainly is, a cutie patootie. So it just makes sense to get one of these dazzling dog hoodies crested with stunningly beautiful rhinestones that speak the words, Cutie Patootie to all. Your dog will be very comfortable in this dog hoodie, and not just because of all the awesome attention and extra treats that may come but more likely because these cotton / poly fiber hoodies are ultra comfortable and very durable with double stitched seems.

Get a Mirage Cutie Patootie dog hoodie for your dog today!




XS:   9" Neck |  8" Length  | 15" Girth
SM: 11" Neck | 10" Length | 16" Girth
MD: 12" Neck | 12" Length | 18" Girth
LG:  13" Neck | 14" Length | 20" Girth
XL:   15" Neck | 16" Length | 21" Girth
2XL: 16" Neck | 18" Length | 23" Girth
3XL: 18" Neck | 20" Length | 27" Girth