Mirage - Aviator Rinestone Dog Hoodie



It's probably a good thing that dog's can't fly, especially during those occasional episodes of hyper hour. But then again, a dog with wings might be pretty darned cool too. We can't make that happen but we can get you some cool wings for your friend. These superb quality dog hoodies are made of highly durable cotton / poly blends double stitched for strength and comfort. The back of these hoodies come adorned with beautiful and masterfully crafted rhinestones in the shape of aviation wings. You're dog may not fly away with these hoodies but will certainly look pretty cute with one on. If you also happen to be a pilot, well, you may as well get your dog some wings too.

Purchase these aviation rhinestone dog hoodies for your dog now.


XS:   9" Neck |  8" Length  | 15" Girth
SM: 11" Neck | 10" Length | 16" Girth
MD: 12" Neck | 12" Length | 18" Girth
LG:  13" Neck | 14" Length | 20" Girth
XL:   15" Neck | 16" Length | 21" Girth
2XL: 16" Neck | 18" Length | 23" Girth
3XL: 18" Neck | 20" Length | 27" Girth