KONG - Cloud Inflatable Dog E-Collar



KONG Cloud collar is super soft and comfortable. This inflatable dog collar will not interfere with your dogs peripheral vision or their ability to eat and drink. The KONG Cloud e-collar is the perfect inflatable e-collar for dogs recovering from surgery or wounds. Traditional e-collars also known as cone collars restrict your dogs movement and ability to function normally, drastically reducing your dogs comfort and quality of living. The KONG inflatable dog collar does not restrict your pet from eating, drinking or seeing, keeping your pet calm and comfortable while in recovery. Inflatable dog collars are excellent e-collar alternatives and exactly what you want to ensure a safe and speedy recovery for your pet.

  • KONG Inflatable dog collars are comfortable to wear while your pet recovers from surgery
  • High quality durable fabric is extremely tough and will not rip or tear
  • Easy to keep clean, machine wash and your done
  • KONG Cloud Inflatable e-collars will not mark or scratch your furniture like traditional e-collars
  • Available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL

Get a KONG Cloud collar for your dog or cat today!

KONG Cloud E-Collar Sizing:

  • Extra Small: Expands Up to 6" neck size - Inflatable pet collar for dogs or cats!
  • Small: Expands to a 6"-10" neck size
  • Medium: Expands to a 10"-13" neck size
  • Large: Expands to a 13"-18" neck size
  • Extra Large: Expands to a 18"-27" neck size

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