Jolly Pets Soccer Ball Dog Toys

Jolly Pets


Brand: Jolly Pets

Perfect for dogs of all sizes!  This dog proof soccer ball lets you keep your eyes on the real goal – having fun with your pup!  Made of JollyFlex™ material, this ball can be punctured and will not deflate.  Even if your dog puts a hole in it ,this toy will still keep its shape.

Made In The USA

CHASE: Encourages healthy exercise and play

SWIM: Idea for water based catch & fetch – it floats!

BOUNCE: Games of fetch just got a whole lot bouncier

SCENTED: Orange is scented with Vanilla & Green is scented with Green Apple - YUM!

Available Sizes:

Small 6"
Large 8"


Available Colors:

  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Green