John Paul Pet - Full Body And Paw Pet Wipes

John Paul Pet


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Full Body & Paw Wipes that are designed to help keep your dog or cat clean, fresh smelling and moisturized in between his or her baths. These Wipes are enriched with lanolin to replenish your pet’s coat. Full Body & Paw Wipes are ideal for dealing with sensitive skin, and they are pre-moistened which allows them to be soft and gentle while cleaning delicate areas such as between the toes and around the tail.

All John Paul dog and cat wipes are gentle, biodegradable products that can work wonders when it comes to promoting good pet hygiene and overall health in your companion pet. Having the right John Paul Pet Wipes are essential in keeping your dog or cat clean, fresh and healthy.

  • Easy To Carry Anywhere
  • Cleans Between Paws
  • Keeps Coat Clean

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