Good 'n' Fun Triple Flavor Rawhide Ribs Dog Treats, 4-Ounce

Eight In One


Brand: Good'n'Fun


  • Made with mouth watering beef, delicious pork, and premium chicken
  • Wrapped with premium cuts of meat that canines crave
  • Helps satisfy your dog's urge to chew
  • Entertain your dog with goodness

Details: Good 'n' Fun brand contains a savory smorgasbord of flavors that dogs love most. These delicious chew treats are made from the finest ingredients, including premium beef hide and real chicken, to create truly delightful, long-lasting treats your dog will love. Good 'n' Fun Triple Flavor Twists contain a delicious combination of three flavors that dogs love most. These all natural chew treats are made from the finest pork and beef hides, then wrapped with real chicken jerky to create this truly delightful, long lasting treat your dog will love. These uniquely shaped treats are high in protein and 98% fat free. Satisfy your dog's natural urge to chew with a healthy and delicious gourmet dog treat. Triple flavor Twists help promote better dental hygeine by reducing tartar and calculus buildup. The natural chewing action helps reduce tartar buildup and remove plaque at the same time! Give your pup a flavorful snack you can feel good about.