Fruitables 15 Count BioActive Fresh Mouth Dental Chews, Small/7.3 oz




  • Cleans the entire tooth from the tip to the gum line
  • A firm scrubbing texture allows tooth to sink into the chew
  • Organic Icelandic sea kelp with bacteriostatic properties works with saliva to fight bacteria & plaque on the tooth surface
  • Decaffeinated green tea extract and parsley fights bacteria to freshen breath
  • Made in the USA (with Icelandic sea kelp)

Details: Fruitables bioactive fresh mouth formula is designed to support your dogs dental health. Each chew is designed to scrub the entire tooth by providing a firm but flexible texture that the teeth to sink into rather than breaking the chew. It features Icelandic sea kelp and decaf green tea extract, which are packed with phytonutrients to help stop the growth of bacteria on the tooth surface. This chew is designed to be used every other day which makes it a price effective solution for dental health.