Starmark - Everlasting Dog Treats

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Starmark Everlasting Dog Treats are specially designed to be used with the Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball found on our site. Everlasting dog treats are even great as stand alone dog treats. They have a unique shape and a high density so your dog can lick, chew or gnaw without wearing down this tasty dog treat right away. The special dental ridges and chew action that your dog enjoys from these treats will also help to reduce tartar keeping your dogs teeth healthy.

These super tasty Everlasting treats are indeed everlasting, especially when used with the Everlasting Treat Ball. Your dog will get some serious chewing time in trying to get through one of these treats. These dog treats when added to the Everlasting Treat Ball are the perfect combination for dogs struggling with separation anxiety or boredom.

Everlasting treats come in multiple flavors and are available as 2 packs.


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