Durapet Square Bowls

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Durapet Square Dog Bowls are constructed of high grade, dense stainless steel that will stand up to years of wear and tear. These bowls are signed with a non skid rubber ring at the base of the bowl that will keep the dog bowl from sliding around and making unwanted noise. The rubber ring at the bottom of these bowls is permanently attached and will not come off. Cleaning these dog bowls are a breeze, they are dishwasher safe so no hand cleaning is necessary.

Stainless steel dog bowls are superior when it comes to hygiene. Plastic bowls can often hang on to bacteria and other toxins that can taint your friends food or water. Durapet stainless steel dog bowls are top notch when it comes to hygiene and will last much longer than plastic making these bowls far more economical.

The square dog bowls are super easy for feeding. they are slanted making it easy for your pet to reach the food or water inside.

Get a Durapet stainless steel square dog bowl for your dog today!