Durapet Slow Feed Bowls

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These dog bowls are perfect for your fast eating furry friend. They're designed to slow your dogs eating, further improving their digestion and ability to absorb nutrients. Fast easting can be dangerous for dogs and can increase the possibility of bloat.

Durapet Slow Feed Dog Bowls are made of top quality heavy duty durable stainless steel. There is a rubber ring permanently molded to the base that will keep these bowls from sliding and making noise. These bowls are perfectly safe for the dishwasher and you do not need to worry about the rubber ring coming apart from the bowl.

Stainless steel bowls are far more hygienic than plastic bowls. Plastic bowls can house bacteria and other toxins that could come in contact with your dogs food. You will get more longevity from these durable dog bowls which will save you money over the long run compared to plastic which frequently needs to be replaced.

  • Small Bowl: 7.5" Diameter.
  • Medium Bowl: 9.5" Diameter
  • Large Bowl: 11" Diameter
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