Bionic - Ball



The Bionic ball dog toy is perfect for your dog, providing bionic play that you and your dog can have fun with for hours on end. It's a familiar size and has an interactive bounce your dog will go nuts for. Bionic play, depending on how you throw this ball, whether on its spine or the opening, you can change the way this ball bounces when thrown. This brilliant bionic dog toy will keep your dog busy giving your dog hours of fun with a bionic play bounce that is totally unpredictable. This dog toy will also fit in most existing chucking or dog toy launchers. Bionic dog toys are indestructible and perfect for puppy teething providing a fun chew toy for any dog. The ridges in the toy give your dog the sensation of progress during chew sessions and also aid in dental hygiene. So if you are looking for fun games to play with dogs then try out a Bionic ball or any of the other great Bionic dog toys. Dogs and puppies love these tough toys.

  • Can be stuffed with peanut butter or dog treats
  • A very bright and easy to see color
  • This ball floats
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from FDA food grade materials
  • 100% recyclable
  • Long lasting


Small - For Dogs 1-20 lbs - 2.3" diameter

Medium - For Dogs 15-35 lbs - 2.6" diameter
(same size as a tennis ball - fits most chucking and throwing toys)

Large - For Dogs 30-60 lbs


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