Applaws Chicken with Pumpkin Layers Cat Food - 12 Pack



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Brand: Applaws


  • Healthy & Natural, Additive Free Meal for Cats
  • High levels of lean protein
  • Contains only 3 ingredients
  • No additives, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Feed with Applaws complete dry cat food for a balanced diet
  • Grain Free
  • 12 Pack of 2.47oz Peel & Serve Cat Meals

Details: Applaws Chicken with Pumpkin Layers combines two great tasting natural ingredients into a single additive free and grain free meal for cats. Packed with lean protein goodness with no fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives. This meal contains only natural ingredients including hand pulled chicken breast meat, allowing your cat to enjoy a meal rich in natural animal protein and natural vitamins. Applaws Layers provides your cat with "one good thing on top of another." --- Applaws Chicken with Pumpkin Layers, contains only 3 Ingredients!